2019 Goals


Personal goals:

  1. Every day for the next 5 days, pack a lunch. If I am not eating breakfast or lunch from home during the work week, then I need to pack one. It’s a super helpful way to keep me in this new-reduced food & household budget of mine.
  2. Keep it frugal. While my days are filled with a series frugal moves like meal prepping, menu planning and more. It’s here I will give intention to something done frugal during the week.
  3. Pay with cash. Envelopes, clips or debit. This was a good move on my part to start using the cash envelope system. It’s been super helpful to keep the budget and I am having fun picking out new paper every month to craft with. I’ve now bought money clips to try out as they will fit better in my wallet. If in budget, using the debit card is okay too. But it’s seldom it even comes out of my wallet now.
  4. Healthy habits. In the bowl (pick 2 per week): Walk 3 times a week, meditate 2 times a week, hike a trail (as I miss the dirt), run a trail, eat a healthy meal full of complex carbs, or do some yoga. The benefits gained all these things have proved its worth in the past. But keeping the habits up is another story. Try, try again! My goal is to just get to it – with no distance in mind and no time limits.
  5. Read – both a mix of fiction and non-fiction. I am a self help addict when I do read. My goal is to widen my horizon. Let me know your favorite reads!

(Updated 1/26/2019)

Meal Prepping


The burritos have been working out quite well. Prepped. Threw them in the freezer. When needed, microwave almost 1 minute on each side and I have a nice hot breakfast.

Stocking up on:

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Potatoes
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Frozen veggies
I already have lots of legumes, beans, oatmeal, flour, and sugar. Lots of spices. I am thinking of investing in a small cubic freezer (I have enough $5s saved up for it.  A couple of dresses from Etsy or Small Cubic Freezer…. hmmmm???).
I am totally out of room from my last Costco run from the protein stock up, but I need more room for the veggies.
Just made a bunch of this 30-Minute Homemade Tortillas Soup. Averie’s use of spice for this recipe was spot on.

2019 Budget (first – half of the year)

(full image here)


  • House & Utilities: $2,031
  • Food & Household: $400
  • Transportation Fuel & Oil Changes: $230
  • Everything Else: $137
  • Debt: $1,535
  • Travel Anticipated: $640
  • Sinking Funds: $200

Financial Goals

  1. Travel Debit Savings. “What’s Due” related expenses – like hotel payment, transport, spending, etc… I opened a checking account with no foreign transactions fees or monthly fees and am now transferring my travel savings into that account. Currently transferring $640/m to the account to cover anticipated expenses. Traveling by debit card.
  2. Stay the Plan. I plan to catch up on scheduled snowball payments in February ($2,900),  then on calendar is to snowball $200/m from February to June, snowball $850 from June to December.
  3. Put $1,000/m in my 401k. My goal to retire by 60 with $600k is to put $1,000 month into my 401k. This doesn’t account for my employer’s contributions. So I’ll use employer’s contributions to cover inflation that I didn’t take into account when I made this goal.
  4. Emergency Fund. Keep the emergency fund for emergencies and keep padding it when possible. The EF is not to be used for the nice linen dress I found on Etsy. Current balance: $500.
Let’s see how this goes! Have a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve!


I Am Not FI(RE) or Mustachian Material


I appreciate all the love I received on this tweet, but I was actually mocking myself for closing out the year with an [expensive and] impulsive travel purchase.

It will be by necessity in my future to travel without a credit card (I am not an affiliate for this debit travel card). So that post won’t be written for a long while. But for now, I need to clean this latest purchase up. I may share those numbers later or you can figure it out by my latest pinned tweet.

It is one of the reasons I moved over to blogger. I am not FI material or Mustachian material. Being on Blogger is my way of staying small or more money journal style. I’m always someone who can’t reach the threshold of my financial goals. And it’s been consciously going on for the past 10 years (although I have not been good with my finances since I was 18).

I have gotten much better at managing my finances through the years by budgeting, tracking my net worth, and adding to my 401K. My bills are paid on time and I am using money envelopes. I even replenished my emergency fund of $1,000.

But I am really good at shuffling money around making myself believe that I am making a difference. I’ve consolidated loans twice in the past 10 years. I just started paying my Student Loans again as of the end of last year (note, I’ve barely made any payments on my student loans because I was always putting them in forbearance).

I’ve bought 2 cars in the last 10 years.

And by shuffling money around, I can live above my means.

I also have credit card(s) to my detriment. 90% of the time I am quite disciplined not using them. In fact, I really only use one. The others I will make a tiny purchase on them intermittently to keep them open. But when I get into my YOLO hyper-focused mindset, I will drop a big purchase and think about how I am going to pay it off later.


I like sharing my story and I like the friendships gained from connections through writing. And I receive so much awesome advice that I am truly thankful for. I want to keep writing. But I know people will only believe in me so long. If I can’t provide proof I am making the changes, then the motivation dies down. I sincerely don’t want to take advantage of that, but I can’t seem to stop the debt cycle.

I really do want to achieve my goals. For that I will continue to try better and will continue to make goals in the right direction.