Goals in 2019 – Week 4 of 52

At the beginning of previous week I jot my intended goals in a notebook. Then 7 days later I share how things turned out. Some of my 2019 goals are repetitive, like don’t use the credit card and to pack a lunch everyday. Other goals are going with the wave of my life and change weekly. Each and every week, I am holding myself accountable to live a more intentional life.

1. Don’t use the CC or take out a loan.

I did… but only for travel. This is actually planned because they were supposed to charge it at the time of reservation, but didn’t. It’s only a month later they decided charged it. My room reserved confirmed and this bill will be paid off in a couple of weeks.

2. Check on status of pending application.

Still pending review… least I still have lots of time before my trip. But even if it doesn’t happen, travel will still be okay.

3. New – Walk 3 times this week (-1).

My health is something I really need to take more seriously. Seems about 60…65 years of age that my family members star to decline in health. Yikes. That might be a bit over a decade for me to reach, but really is not that far!

My goal was to just start walking with no distant necessary to achieve. Whether that meant outside or on the workstation treadmill, didn’t matter. Well, I only walked 2 times this week. I was really going to try and put in a quick last minute walk, but it did not happen.

I am keeping score and will try to clear that (-1) this coming week requiring me to walk 4 times this week.

4. New – File taxes.

Well I was not expecting to file so quickly, but when notice came from Intuit that my documents were imported and ready I filed. Last year was simple in terms of taxes and I had all the documents I needed. I will be getting back a decent return. Which will catch up on my payments to be ahead of schedule and allow me to put another $1k in my emergency fund. This makes me happy.

5. Every day for the next 5 days, pack a lunch.

Accomplished! I am finding it harder to keep up if I don’t prep enough – like this past week (and I still need to prep for this coming week). But I still followed through bringing something. One day it was 2 frozen mini pizzas for lunch and a PB&J (from the freezer) for breakfast. Another day it was the frozen chickpea curry from the back of the freezer. It was spicy good but took a good time defrost and heat up in the microwave.

Last week my main fruit were grapes as they were on sale.

6. New – 4 weeks $400 food & household budget

Did you see my Instagram post?! $436 was my total with $23 of that an emotional spend. I make this a win! The beginning of the year food budget was a little easier to obtain as there were holiday leftovers and gift cards to cover a small expenses (like a coffee trip).

Funny thing, I ended the 4th week with $1 left in my wallet available for the food & household budget.

Two things I have observed from this lowered budget, 1) simple carbs like pasta are on the increase and 2) not eating as much fruit. I miss my fruit. So on this week’s shopping trip I increased the fruit with apples, nectarines, and oranges – all on sale. I need my fruit! And I am going to monitor and decrease my simple carbs replacing it with more veggies and beans.

Meals at home

garlic sea salt mahi mahi
Garlic-sea salt mahi mahi, roasted sweet potato slices, black beans, coconut-lime rice and broccoli
A giant triple berry cinnamon pancake later topped with super crunchy peanut butter
Sad potato tacos (end of the 4th week). The spiced potatoes were awesome but I was out of avocado, roasted corn and cabbage.

I anticipate the next 4 weeks to be a little more challenging because I might crack and go out to eat. Which is fine, but eating out really is the culprit to high food expenses if I do not spend right. In addition, I need somethings for the house like razors, cat stuff and trash bags. But I am cheering myself on and am ready to give this a try.

7. Don’t use the debit card for the vending machine.

Passed y’all. It was spare change to the rescue. I really don’t need to be eating that chocolate or junk food anyway!

8. Continue reading a book.

The Plum Tree by Ellen Marie Wiseman is so emotional. My heart is <grip>. I can’t imagine the time during the Holocaust. Even though this particular book is fictional, the author does an persuasive job of recreating an ultimately sad and unfathomable time in history.

As for The Complete Tightwad Gazette. – I didn’t even get a chance to read it. Just as I received it, I became engaged with this other book. So I went to renew the Tightwad Gazette so I could read later and they didn’t give me any renewals! It took me so long to receive my hold from the library. Totally unfair! Oh well, I can’t complain as it was free and I can put it on hold again.

9. New – Meditate 3 times a week

That didn’t happen. But I did get to play in nature this past weekend to catch up with a friend. The time was well spent and to me, nature is meditative. So I count that as a (-2). Not sure I will catch up on meditation. All I know, is that I need to start practicing it again or to start hiking again. One or the other as there has been such a benefit in my life when I do practice it.

Goals for week 5 of 52

1. Don’t use the CC or take out a loan.
2. Check on status of pending application.
3. Every day for the next 5 days, pack a lunch.
4. Stay in $200 food & household budget for the next 2 weeks.
7. Don’t use the debit card for the vending machine.
8. Finish the current book.
9. Walk 3 times this week and meditate 2.


Well that is it for this week. How did your goals do last week? 

2 thoughts on “Goals in 2019 – Week 4 of 52

  • This is a great reminder that I need to keep track of my health as well. I try to go for a run once a week and use an workout app for my home workouts multiple times during the week. Hopefully I can go for a run or just a walk more than once a week. Keep up the walking!!
    I had the a problem too with one of my books I borrowed from the library. They wanted me to return it even though I haven’t renewed once. I guess it was on high demand to borrow which is way I couldn’t borrow it any longer. Like you said, it’s free so no biggie!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It really is sad for me (IMO) that I am having a hard time finding time to walk one half hour each day or even every other day. I am still giving it a go, just not smoothly. Now to work on decreasing the junk food eating. Something is stressing me out lately because I have been consuming more of it as late. May be time that I need to start logging my eats down daily. Best to you with the healthy living too!


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