Goals in 2019 – Week 3 of 52

1. Don’t use the CC or take out a loan.

I didn’t do either!  In fact, I am trying to figure out where to store the CCs for out of sight, out of mind. It doesn’t seem a safety deposit box is an option because my bank doesn’t carry them.

2. Check on status of pending application.

I checked. No movement on this one. It is still pending review.

3. Confirm CC refund.

With my new-to-me used car, I bought new wheels for them. Then I returned them because they are not a necessity right now. Took me 20 minutes of hold time on the customer service line, but I confirmed $700 was refunded.

4. Start printing and gather tax paperwork in a folder.

Student loan paperwork came in and I printed those. Just waiting on bank and employer paperwork so I can file. Looks like I may be getting back a couple grand on my tax return. My job has been a little iffy right now, so it’s likely I will put most of it into the emergency fund.

5. Every day for the next 5 days, pack a lunch.

Every day of the week I accomplished bringing my lunch to work. From leftover chicken tortilla soup, to PB & Js and fruit, to leftover fish/rice/spinach. You know everyone loved me at work when I was heating up that last dish!

6. Don’t spend more than the $6 this week. That is the amount I have left from my $400/month reduced food budget.

I had to pull out the emergency $20 when I ran out of coffee. I also gathered more breakfast goods (even though we have pancakes and oatmeal to last us for days). I am looking forward to seeing the total food budget spent at my month’s end (after I tally up the vending machine spending). But still think I stayed very close to my $400 mark. From the previous $650/m – this includes household – that’s some major savings there!

7. Don’t use the debit card for the vending machine.

I know I failed on this one. But then I switched to finding spare change in my desk. Sometimes it’s chips to pair with my PB & Js because we don’t keep chips in the house. To buying the 3pm craving for chocolate. Next week, I will be adding walking to my list of goals!

8. Start reading a book.

I did do this! I received a batch of books from my friend and starting reading The Plum Tree by Ellen Marie Wiseman. It’s a fictional tale written in the setting of Germany during WWII. Not my usual reading material, but it really has been a good read (sad, too). I’m also glad to take up reading fiction. It’s hard to pull me away from self-help books.

The Plum Tree by Ellen Marie Wiseman

My library hold finally came in – The Complete Tightwad Gazette. So I stopped by there and picked up additional books. I need to make sure I fit this book in my reading schedule too. Can’t pass up the opportunity to learn some new frugal tips.

9. Make new money envelopes.


Yay for having goals as it kept me on track. I scooted to my craft (dining) table and whipped this set of cash envelopes up. I love, love how they turned out! They are all shiny and a tad bit shorter than the normal ones. And now they fit my wallet perfectly. I am looking forward to payday so I can them.

How was your week with goals or embracing your strong word? 

3 thoughts on “Goals in 2019 – Week 3 of 52

  • You did really well with these goals. Sometimes, you have to make adjustments to them in order to get through the week or month, but overall I would say you were very successful.


    • Thank you. I was pretty proud of myself this week. I think throughout the year the goals will definitely move with the beat of my life. Thanks for stopping by Sarah! PS – Since I remember you watch animes… Latest anime watching, Bleach (via Netflix). Took a little bit getting into but I am quite enjoying it.


  • I’m still in the middle of my financial week, so I can’t say for sure. I have a set amount of money to spend each week, and it needs to last at least 7 days. Lately the “weeks” have been lasting 9-10 days each, which is great, but various expenses this week mean that it’ll probably last just the 7 days. I’m a little bummed that my streak won’t continue, but as long as it lasts at least 7 days… Well, that goal is checked off.

    Love the envelopes, by the way!


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