Victim of Viagogo, probably.

viagogo scam

Side-swiped by Viagogo. I’m actually embarrassed to say I am being duped, ripped off by Viagogo. I got an impulsiveness while listening to a song on Pandora and bought tickets to a sold out international concert next year!

I told myself when buying I would be able to resell them easily if I don’t go, but Viagogo is smarter than me.

I won’t say how much I paid for them (from 3rd paycheck availability), but I will say Viagogo tacked on a sh*t ton of fees that they show you 3 seconds before you check out. Then wage against the pound before it processes on your credit card statement. Then finding out I paid 65% more than the tickets face value (half of the full payment were fees). Then not being able to see the break down again on my account. Then finding out that Viagogo doesn’t actually have the tickets. I don’t have experience from resellers nor did I realize they were resellers. But quickly got my experience.

The tickets may or may not be here 1 week prior to the concert. If you google Viagogo, you’ll find out their are a ton of sad stories people losing A LOT of hard earned money and big lawsuits pending in different countries around the world.

Smart Jane failed in using her credit card.

Expensive lesson. With as much strife as there is online about Viagogo, I am not going to invest in a trip to Ireland for the concert.
(not that I have the money to go anyway)

I can hold my breath and hope the tickets don’t get delivered (as happens many of times). Then I am okay to go after my due refund.

The other sad stories, many tickets sold are duplicates and people get turned away at the door. Viagogo is due to give a refund if that happens, but you have to verify you were turned away. Meaning I would need to go in person to the venue and receive a letter stating I was turned away. I would hate to go all that way and be crushed to not see the concert.

I can try to resell them even though the tickets are not in my possession, but will likely get very little in return after fees deducted. Not to mention that another person then becomes a pawn.

Viagogo is a well-tuned manipulative money machine with a fine-tuned marketing scheme feeding on a person’s desperation to grab the ‘last tickets available’ (when not available in the first place). I wish the US was one of the countries working to sue Viagogo, but tis not the case. I am cutting my loses and hoping to forewarn other from making the same mistake.

I’ve made big purchases due to impulsiveness in the past. But I’ve always had a way to get out of it with minimal losses. Not this time!

I take responsibility for hitting the submit button and am already feeling a ton of guilt for making the purchase because I have a ton of debt to climb out from under, areas to play catch up, and holidays to celebrate. But will shame myself in a separate post.

Have you or any one your know been a victim of Viagogo?

6 thoughts on “Victim of Viagogo, probably.

  • If I get the tickets early I will be grateful… maybe… how do I know they are valid? Such a stressful situation. Maybe I will just give them to someone that lives in Ireland and they can enjoy a good show should they work. But if the tix don't show up at all will be nice. then its on to arguing for my money back. “Give me my money back!” *shakes fist in the air* 🙂


  • That sucks! They sound like a scam company through and through with all the extra last second fees. At least you have a few different courses of action depending on if the tickets show up or not.It happens to all of us from time to time. We live and we learn.


  • The feeling of being scammed, even in such a professional way, is gut wrenching. I went to my credit card company and disputed the transaction on several reasons stated on my post. After several months the credit company came back to me with the refund from Viagogo. Good luck


  • that is what so frustrating – they are SO GOOD at scamming. from point A to Z. The only problem is that I can't prove all the fees because I didn't take screen shots. When I log into my account the over inflated price just shows the total for 2 tickets (no fees & other charges are noted). So I can't prove that I paid X for the tickets and X in all these other fees. I did see all your reasons and was planning on gathering the evidence to dispute with the credit company. Thank you for writing your post. It is a big help!


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