What I Ate This Week

The budget was tight for this week. Things got creative in the kitchen. Fortunately I like to experiment in the kitchen and fix bowl type meals that consist a little bit of this and a little bit of that.   Each day this past week – I showcase my favorite meal.


Dinner was solo tonight. I had some green salsa from last week’s taco night that needed to be used up.

So I fixed up a vegan Buddha bowl consisting of:

  • Morningstar veggie crumbles
  • Roasted corn
  • Black beans
  • Serrano chilis and cilantro
  • Avocado

Side of strawberries and corn tortillas. Delicious! I also had a few slices of the yellow watermelon for dessert. So juicy!

Tube: Shutter Island (great movie)


Leftover Breakfast of Champions.

I had some kale-sweet potato-mushroom-tomato hash leftover. Used that up with the addition of an egg over easy, Morningstar veggie patty, strawberries and toasted cracked wheat sourdough. Nom Nom.


We did spaghetti and Italian sausage. For me, I sauté some kale and tomato in the cast iron pan. Throw everything on a plate. Fix it up with olive oil, lemon, capers (YUM!), lots of pepper and sometimes a little tomato sauce. I made garlic toast, too.


There is major spinach in there! But it shrinks so much.

I had ground pork in the freezer and veggies that needed to be used up. I referred to this easy ground pork stir fry recipe using spinach, using both dark and light soy sauce and adding oyster sauce (for a balance of sweetness with salty). It’s essentially the same ingredients I use in mapo tofu, but without the bean sauce. Oh ya, I added tofu, too.

Now making pumpkin pancakes to freeze for the week (if they last that long).


Ever have those days where you’re missing one ingredient to each meal you want to whip up? That happened here, because it’s end of the pay cycle and I’m waiting for the next day to go grocery shopping in budget. Lentil curry… no veggies to feast on the side. Breakfast… no potatoes to make the meal hearty. Burrito… no refried beans that I was craving.

So the evening was about what was available and how could I get creative.

Finally honed in on making a breakfast sandwich with tomatoes, Morningstar veggie patty, egg and cheese on cracked wheat sourdough. It was actually delicious! I was ready to make another, but I am out of veggie patties and just about out of cheese.


$1 Tacos (and it’s payday)! One really cannot pass up such a deal. Especially when they are delicious! I’m glad to have gotten there early because the line does tend to go out the door. It was also a celebratory night for a friend reaching an education milestone. Win-win for less than $20.


I have reached my creative eating limits and will be spending the evening grocery shopping because I clearly know how to have fun. It’s likely we will end up with a frozen CPK pizza and myself a glass of wine. Dessert: popcorn with a movie.

I am always looking for new meal ideas. What was on your menu this past week? 

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