IDEA: Wanting to Turn the Car Into a Camper

Camping, hiking and roadtrips are so much fun. For quick trips, I finding turning out the tent too much work when I can just throw the bed together and sleep in the comfort of my car. I turned my last car into a camper (sorry, I don’t have any pics). Now I am trying to figure out how to turn my now smaller car into a camper.

So here I plan to list of the bookmarked links to websites and videos for future reference and watching entertainment:

^ Brilliant set up. “Smart Car, the Swiss Army of Car Camping”

Honda Civic Car Camping

I would love to remove my front seat to use CasadeCivic’s sleeping arrangement. This would negate the need to utilize the trunk. But I need my front seat.

I was trying to figure out why the platform was only 2′ wide. Figured out the reason when I measured out my own car dimensions. The passage from the back seat to the trunk is only 26″ wide.

Road Trip Soul’s Civic bed-platform would be easy to fold and pack away when not needed.

More Honda Civic Car Camping Ideas

Here is an inexpensive way to help help keep the car cool and provide privacy.

I really enjoyed the link for the Corolla Camper Conversion. If I could remove my back seats, I would totally do this. But I cannot. But I do plan on utilizing some of their ideas into my conversion.

I will go over the dimensions and my thoughts for conversion in a future post. But one of my ideas is building an (elevated) false floor in the trunk to make up for the 3″-4″ dip from the back seat to the trunk.

Have you ever used your car for camping? Did you enjoy it or find it to cumbersome?

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