About Jane

Frugal To FI, Jane – I am a single woman on a late start journey to pay off a lot of debt via living frugal, keeping a budget and using cash envelopes.

After finding the Mr. Money Mustache Forum and the blog, No More Harvard Debt – I was able to straighten out my personal finances and get my daily expenditures under control.

I even have a great plan to be able to retire in the nick of time.

Plan (not calculating SSI):

Retirement Updated 12/2018
Future expenses $2,000
x12 $24,000
x25 $600,000
Currently NW $78,564
Current Deficit -$521,436
Assuming I keep adding (@ 8% return) $1,000
Retire in (years) 15
Yes, I am okay to retire at: 60
Always earmark at least $12,000/yr pretax 401k
Pay off Debt
Save $5,000 – $20,000 Emergency Fund
Future Goals
Then downgrade the job due to a disability (anticipate $55K year)
Move to nature (anticipate $3,000/m expenses)
Forever live frugally
Allot $4K/yr to travel
Retire at 60

But… I still own credit cards or have a habit of taking out loans. While a lot of people can handle credit responsibly, I have ADHD. Which means I struggle with impulse control and executive functioning. Especially when it comes to travel, concert tickets and emotions.

A “You Only Live Once” mindset is hard to exchange for delayed gratification.

I can pay down debt, but I need to learn how not to take out more credit even when the options are eagerly available to me.

Until I get that under control, it’s likely I will continue to struggle with getting out of debt.


  • is a good income earner
  • but has a lot of debt
  • has a fantastic credit score
  • introverted, ADHD, OCD
  • has a dependent and a cat
  • lives in a HCOL area with small sq. footage
  • now uses money envelopes and budgets religiously
  • Has a plan that would allow her to retire by 60 or give her self the Option to Retire



Jane on Instagram

Frugal To FI – Jane

Little bit edgy. Artsy, foodie, avid coffee & tea drinker. Loves to read the daily horoscope. Would love to travel when the time is right.

8 thoughts on “About Jane

  • Ah! I feel you. I don't have ADHD but I'm 100% or nothing. Really good with spending some days and then absolutely shit the next. I don't have quite as much debt but I am not paying off my debt at the rate that I wanted to this year. I spend more money when I have cash but I have no credit cards and can't get any for at least 5 more years. So I should be OK. I used to want to early retire but I'm not sure where I am since this year has NOT gone according to plan. Anyway, I hope that I can be a little bit inspired by you. So good luck.


  • I just want to pay them down so I can travel! Recently I set up autopay for all my debts. I have 3 years to go if things stay on schedule. All other monies earned can then be deemed for other (aka, travel). Of course, I could use other to increase a snowball, but I am okay with 3 years for that I have been trying these 3 years for the past 4-5 years. Oy vey!


  • Oh, wow, if we aren’t in the same boat we are at least floating side by side. I hear you with the impulsivness. Going all cash and debit is a huge step – it’s a bold, inspiring move!I’m looking forward to following along as you take on your finances!


  • Bold and Inspiring if I can keep it going. I often fizzle. But I would like to take a big trip for the big 50 looming in the (too close) future. If I don't get this debt paid off, it's not happening. May blogging and readers keep me accountable.BTW, saw your twitter bio, we are swimming in the same or very similar waters. Can it be in a big yacht? 🙂


  • I am off to go read how you amassed $300K in SLs. Well you make me feel better about my situation for a brief second! I do fit the ticket as a single girl money blogger. Thank you for the inclusion should you compile a list. 🙂


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